A Mural for Preemies

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McCracken Middle School


Right now, as you are reading this, premature babies are fighting to survive until they are strong enough to go home with their families.  The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses are Spartanburg Regional are saving the tiny colored plastic caps from the tops of the medications they are giving them so we an use them to make a mural for the NICU waiting area.  This bright, colorful mural will add some cheer to the waiting area and also represent the care that each baby receives.

We will learn about premature babies and what type of care the nurses and respiratory therapists give them. On our field trip, the lead nurse from NICU at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center will explain and show you the care premature babies require.  We will make a display for the last day of YES educating everyone about the NICU and if time allows we will sell a craft to enable us to gift each family currently residing in the NICU a little extra cash for a meal or gas.  If you have an interest in the medical field, the care and survival of premature infants, or an interest in art, this will be the group for you! This photo is an example of a medical plastic cap mural that was created by an ICU nurse from the caps she saved on her job.